DWI Defense

Facing a DWI can be frightening, but you don’t have to face these charges – or their consequences – alone. The guidance of an experienced DWI attorney can help establish a defense and set your mind at ease.

G. Anthony Wayne, II with the law firm of J. Erik Groves P.C. has years of experience defending DWI charges, and has successfully completed training in the national Standardized Field Sobriety Testing for DWI, which is utilized in North Carolina. These tests were developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and are the primary field sobriety tests used by law enforcement agencies across the nation. In the DWI investigation, these tests allow law enforcement to establish probable cause to arrest, and in some cases, may constitute the entire basis for the DWI charge. Any error by law enforcement, or a simple inability to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, may result in a dismissal or a verdict of not guilty. This is the best outcome. However, even if you are ultimately convicted, Mr. Wayne can work to minimize the punishment you face, restore your driving privileges, and lessen the impact on your life. Our approach is to aggressively defend each case.

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